Experience Digital by Mike Kent
Experience Digital by Mike Kent

Use of Infographics

Wanted to share this great post from Digiday highlighting Foursquare and their work on promoting themselves

While Foursquare may be more accurately described as a platform, it did excellent job of promoting itself this past year with infographics.Foursquare’s Time Machine — co-branded by Samsung’s Galaxy S4 — created stunning visualizations of users’ check-ins. The company also used its check-in data to show the “pulse” of select major cities — where and how people check in throughout the day. Although Foursquare is not a publisher, it found creative ways to illustrate its data to users and advertisers alike.


Experience is the new currency of the Digital Economy


Experience Digital by Mike Kent

Experience Digital – Hello World

Experience is the new currency of the digital economy.

This blog will be a window that opens into this new ecosystem and highlights, explains and ultimately informs about how digital affects or could affect the engagement of brands with existing and potential customers.

Experience Digital is about putting the customers first and ensuring that they are serviced with relevant and engaging content across the multitude of channels that they use or are exposed to.

Its not about selling. Its about delighting the customer.

It’s about the customers and their experiences being put first and not the brands.

The new digital disruptors are not new technology initiatives but how a customer interacts behaviourally and leads his/her life within this brand new world.

Experience Digital is about how the customer can continue or even improve his/her life within the digital environment that he/she now finds herself in.

Its the beginning of a new wave and lets see where the surfboard we are riding will take us.

For sure it will be bumpy but also will hugely exciting and fun.

Experience is the new currency of the Digital economy
Experience Digital by Mike Kent